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Music Titles (Abridged)

Musica Mundial Productions creates editions of custom compilation CD's for your individual needs or for fundraising projects. 

Music and Meaning in the Mass Book Cover

Music and Meaning in the Mass           

by AnnaMaria Cardinalli, Ph.D.


Available at all major booksellers.  


In a time of great suffering in the world, one might wonder why music bears discussion at all.  However, AnnaMaria sees this suffering as the reason music is particularly critical.  She argues that musicians, each in their local communities, wield a unique, even mystical power to help the world make the change it needs by ushering souls through the epic and operatic spiritual journey of the Mass, where we ultimately encounter Christ's Real Presence!  However, non-musicians and non-Catholics are likely to enjoy the read.  It addresses many of the reasons why music works to affect us the way it does, and many interesting reasons Catholics believe what they do!  


A preview page from Sophia Institute Press is available here.

Crossing The Wire, AnnaMaria Cardinalli, Author

Crossing the Wire

One Woman's Journey into the Hidden Dangers of the Afghan War

by AnnaMaria Cardinalli, Ph.D.


Available at all major booksellers.  This website is your source for the companion "dog tag" CD's.

In line with the "explosive" discoveries of AnnaMaria's military and investigative career, a portion of sales proceeds benefit the Polaris Project, the most successful effort to combat human trafficing globally, and Jam For Vets, a program that helps restore healing and humanity to severely wounded young veterans through the gifts of music.


A video from Open Road Media is available here.

AnnaMaria Cardinalli, Official CD for Santa Fe 400th Anniversary
AnnaMaria Cardinalli, CD, Sweet Night
AnnaMaria Cardinalli, CD, Sleep with the Angels
AnnaMaria Cardinalli, CD, El Duo Duende
AnnaMaria Cardinalli, CD, A Promise of Roses
AnnaMaria Cardinalli, CD, Flamenco Steel
AnnaMaria Cardinalli, CD, Quinceanera
AnnaMaria Cardinalli, CD, El Rosario
AnnaMaria Cardinalli, CD, Legacy and Legend
AnnaMaria Cardinalli, DVD, Coloring Book


Saving San Miguel Mission

As aired on EWTN:

A DVD concert benefiting the

restoration of the oldest church

in the United States.  Also available







Legado y Leyenda

The official CD for Santa Fe’s 400th

anniversary.  Spanish classical,

flamenco, and Mexican folk.





Sweet Night

The most beloved music of the Christmas

season, arranged for solo classical guitar

by AnnaMaria, with a hint of 

New Mexican culture.




Sleep With The Angels

The ultimate adult relaxation album. 

Standard classical repertoire arranged

for the guitar.  Favorites from

Puccini to Pachelbel.



El Duo Duende

Classical duets. 

Vocals include Desdemona’s  Romance

from Otello, Azucena’s Gypsy Aria, and

the famous Aranjuez theme. 





A Promise of Roses

Exclusively the most romantic and

gentlest music for the classical Spanish

guitar.  A wonderful gift for a lady.






Flamenco Steel

Flamenco performed “dangerously”

on steel strings.  Vocals include

the Card Scene from Carmen

and Romanza.






Expressing the joy of youth, these

are exuberant instrumental

arrangements of popular

Mexican tunes. 





El Rosario

The rosary in Spanish, recited by

the Christian Brothers for your

intentions, accompanied by

AnnaMaria’s music.





Legacy and Legend

The 400-year history of Santa Fe told

in a visually stunning DVD accompanied

with guitar by AnnaMaria.










Coloring Book

A downloadable coloring book

for all ages.  Learn the history of

Santa Fe through the art of Tavlos

and AnnaMaria’s music.


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