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R e c o r d i n g s

Selected videos and recordings...

Carmen's Habanera

Her guitar and vocal transcription of the iconic aria results in a performance unique to AnnaMaria's combined talents.

Anna Maria Cardinalli -- Carmen Card Scene

Carmen Card Scene

An art film collaboration with renowned visual artist Martha Goetz and AnnaMaria Cardinalli, contralto.  An evocative view into

the opera Carmen.


A clip from an upcoming film funded by a prestigious NEA grant.  The selection is one of the most challenging pieces for a virtuoso guitarist, and AnnaMaria presents it here with unheard of speed and ease - allowing the haunting beauty of the music, rather than the technical challenge, come to the fore.

Ave Maria

Devotional music performed by AnnaMaria has been aired frequently on EWTN, the largest religious media network in the world, reaching over 250 million homes.

Saving San Miguel Mission

A selection from the EWTN international broadcast benefiting the preservation of the oldest church in the United States.

Fuentes de la Alhambra

A moving, soulful and emotional expression of the haunting instrumental piece as only AnnaMaria can interpret it.

Farruca Crepusculo - "Mata Hari" version

These are AnnaMaria's personal Farruca variations in a rare performance on steel strings ... a somewhat brutal proposition, but worth its bit of bloodiness for the "Gypsy Jangle" of the tone.  Nowhere does the sound of steel sparkle more than in the fleet first tremolo section.  

Ulrica's Invocation Aria

Ulrica is one of the defining characters of the contralto fach, and it has been an incredible experience to work with my mentor, Janice Pantazelos, on Re dell' abisso because she is a rare master of that particular repertoire.  -- Those of you who know me personally are aware I often wear an eye patch day-to-day due to an old injury.  In this case it only adds to the character!


Nel Silenzio

A view of the war in Afghanistan from an opera singer serving with the military. Through the humanity of song, I hope this video offers a glimpse of current wars as a source of comfort for those who have been there and as a means of sharing with those who have not. 

A Song For the Steadfast

A tribute to those who bear the impact of wars past and present told through the story of a single song and a singer's military journey.

Crossing the Wire

Publishers'  interview with author AnnaMaria Cardinalli.

AnnaMaria's music accompanies works by some of the most accomplised visual artists in the world...

Instrumental Accompaniment

"Jeffrey T. Larson -- Still Life" paintings are accompanied in this brief video with AnnaMaria's rendition of "Leyenda". 

Sirius XM Radio Interview

AnnaMaria is also an influential speaker on human rights.  Click the play button to hear an interview on the popular radio talk show Stand Up with Pete Dominick.

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